What is there to say about me? I live in Switzerland, though sadly in a city and not up in the mountains. A lot of my time is taken up by a lively family of three girls and a day job that keeps intruding on the interesting matters of life, but when it’s quiet in the evenings I slip away to worlds that exist only in the imagination.

From childhood I’ve had a fascination for far-away places, and once I earned a little money, the first thing I did was to travel through China on my own. Since then I’ve visited several other Asian countries – the East seems to have a firm hold on my heart.

My other fascination lies with language and history. English is not my first language, and writing my stories takes me considerable time as I search for exactly the right word or concept – so please bear with me if I make any mistakes, as I’m bound to do! However, I love to research small linguistic or historical details and they’ll probably also make their way into my blog. For example, did you know that the Chinese invented toilet paper as long ago as the Sixth Century AD? Now that’s my idea of civilisation!

As for what started me writing, the blame has to go to Tolkien. I first read The Lord of the Rings as a teenager and it has remained one of my favourite books ever since. After the films by Peter Jackson came out, I stumbled onto the world of fanfiction and got sucked in at once. Since then I’ve written several stories about the Rohirrim and their king, Éomer, and in the process also made lots of friends all over the world.

Lately though I’ve felt the urge to create my own worlds and have written several original stories. Two of them are now released, the others are still under construction. And since the muse likes to keep me busy, she has already presented the idea for another one! If you’d like to know more, pop in here periodically – or else subscribe to my newsletter – to find out about my writing progress.

You can also find me at Goodreads.

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